Washington DUI Defense

If you are an Oregon driver with a Washington DUI, or a Washington driver with an Oregon DUI, you will need an attorney with experience in both jurisdictions. While Washington and Oregon have each adopted a .08 BAC limit for alcohol impairment, there are many differences between the laws in these two states.

Washington does not offer anything similar to Oregon’s diversion program for first time offenders. Because of this, It is more important than ever to understand all your alternatives to a conviction for DUI. While in Oregon plea bargaining is prohibited by law in DUI cases, Washington law allows plea bargaining in DUI cases. Depending on the case, a reduced charge may be your best option since an Oregon licensed driver faces a one (1) year minimum driver’s license suspension for a DUI conviction.

Unlike Oregon, Washington’s legislature passed a law setting a legal limit for TCH impairment at 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood. A driver whose blood tests at or above this level is considered to be legally impaired in Washington.

As an Assistant City Attorney in Vancouver, Washington. I served as both the Criminal Unit Coordinator and the Clark County Domestic Violence Prosecution Unit Coordinator. My experience makes me uniquely qualified to advise drivers with legal issues spanning the border between Oregon and Washington.

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